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Resources Available

Property Identification & Investigation

Whether finding a potential investment property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or one going to the courthouse steps for a foreclosure sale, we will help you identify a home that meets the correct requirements/net return. We go to each property and look at the neighborhood, the lot usability and condition and note repair items and upgrades needed for the interior and exterior of the home. Then we will estimate total repair/remodel cost to resale the home for highest net profit to you.


Auction Service

Buying on the courthouse steps can be more risky, but more rewarding. We have experienced and skilled individuals that will research title, investigate the property condition and occupancy, as well as bid on the properties for you.


MLS & Market Analysis

We will run comparables and see what the highest price we can sell the home for. We will look for any challenges, such as low model match comps or potential appraisal issues. We give the investor(s) a realistic sales price range and our goal price being at the top of that range. Our flip homes almost always sale at the highest price per square foot in that similar square footage and area, as long as it is the best net for the investor. For example, we advised one investor to only put $3,000 into one home because it netted him more money than if he would have put more money into a remodel.


Construction/Sales Adviser

Because the market is so competitive for good deals, investors have to be able to move quickly. After we have determined that a home makes since on paper, we will have a contractor give us a bid. You can use your own contractor, but we work with contractors that have low cost, high quality and high integrity. If we get our offer accepted, we will work with the contractor throughout the process so that the budget and deadline are met. Our focus is on keeping your costs down, and spending the needed money for high impact sales items that will help determine the sales price and your net profit.


Marketing, Pricing & Exposure Optimization

One of the things that set us apart from the average agent is that we are masters of creating an event around each listing. Marketing is our passion. We have created a proven strategy that helps us sell our clients’ investment homes fast, average of 25 days, and for top dollar. Most often, we have multiple offers the first week. We invite the world to view our homes via print, the internet, open houses and the realtor network. If our homes do not sell the first week, we are constantly looking at creative ways to get more realtors and buyers to view the home and to write offers until the home sales for the desired net.                       


Staging & Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words. We have a collection of “light” staging items that we are constantly refreshing so we can make your house look its best. Yvonne often describes this best when she says she would never have her photo taken without having lipstick on. We put the “lipstick” on your home by strategically placing towels, live or artificial plants, candles, place settings etc.


Negotiation & Connection Utilization

Because we rank as a Top Producing Team, doing a good amount of volume, we have had successful transactions with many other top listing agents. This allows us to help get our offers accepted. In a competitive market, other Realtors want to work with agents they know and trust…. like us. We have been top producing agents for Prudential, Keller Williams and McMillin Realty and now Coldwell Banker West, so we know a lot of listing agents. But because we represent you, the investor, we strive to get you the best deal possible on your purchases and the most net dollars in your pocket when you go to sale. We have tons of experience negotiating for investors/all clients, balancing the right amount of negotiation tactics, prepared data, pleasantries, leverage and big picture focus.


Property Management

If you are looking to buy and hold, but have no interest in managing the property yourself, we can help. We can refer you to credible property management companies we have worked with in the past, or for our investors that have used our team to purchase, we can manage the property under a Cromer Team affiliated company. If interested, ask for details.