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James M. – Chula Vista, CA

When we decided to purchase a home, we thought it would be intimidating and exhausting journey. Yvonne proved otherwise.  It was our first time purchasing a home in Southern California due to the fact we spent most of our lives back East.  We knew little to nothing about the process and we were not at all familiar with the area.  We just knew that it was time for us to buy.  So we went in with a lot of questions. Yvonne listened to each and every question and made sure no question was left unanswered.

We really appreciate the professionalism Yvonne demonstrated throughout our home-buying process.  She was easy to talk to, easy to reach, and incredibly patient.  At no time did we feel that we were under any pressure to make a decision.  She let us take our time and made sure we were comfortable with the process along the way.  Her knowledge of the neighborhoods in San Diego County really helped us in getting familiar with the area quickly.  When we went for a viewing, it was not only our first time seeing the house in question. It was our first time in that particular part of town!  We did not know our left from our right.  But having Yvonne with us, we felt like we knew the area already. When we finally found a property we liked, Yvonne made sure that we knew everything there was to know about the property.  She went and checked the property thoroughly before we put in an offer.

Her expertise helped us in understanding the fair market value of the house and later on in determining the offer price.  Yvonne also made sure we were aware of any problems with the house, if there were any repairs required, or if there were any parts of the house that did not comply with the building code.  This alone saved us from a lot of unwanted surprises down the road.

And the positive experience we had did not stop there. Yvonne was willing to go the extra mile in helping us out: from finding us a home inspector, getting us an estimate for repairs, to giving us her personal recommendation for local electricians, plumbers, contractors and a lot more. At no point did we hear dismissive suggestions such as you can find them in a local paper of just go to Home Dept.  We have been using some of the services recommended by them and so far, all have been more than satisfactory.
We would like to sincerely thank you for finding our little piece of the American Dream!!!