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Tam H. – San Diego, CA

We were first-time homebuyers and received a recommendation from a friend whom Yvonne had helped to purchase a property in the past.

First thing we noticed was that Yvonne is exceptionally patient and informative. She was both a real estate agent and a crash-course instructor on homebuying.

Another remarkable thing about Yvonne was that she will work tirelessly on your behalf. Every time we wanted to check out a home, no matter how out of the way or how out of the blue, we can count on Yvonne showing up with all the informative paperwork. At times, we feared she would grow frustrated with us, but that was never the case!

The best thing about Yvonne, though, is that she still cares about you and will fight for you even after you have purchased your home. We had had an issue with the home insurance and she promptly helped us resolve it.

I highly recommend the Cromers because they are tireless advocates for their clients. We would definitely do business with them again!